Human Capital Management
Independent People's specialist service in the recruitment and management of our employees to deploy and manage technology, without the need to have the personnel on your headcount is a unique offering. This is of particular value to many organisations that have headcount pressures, or wish to minimise the risk of changing business cycles.

Independent People provides leading services and solutions that enable your company to reduce the total cost of recruitment whilst reaching and attracting the best talent.

Independent People works with preferred partners to deliver a resource solution that will meet every hiring demand. Partners benefit from our broad depth of recruitment of Human Capital for service organisations who have to deploy and manage technology solutions.

Get the people issues right and you business will grow from strength to strength, get them wrong and your business could stagnate. Our vision is to help our clients get it right, and add value to your business. The critical success factor which stands out above all others is, obtaining and retaining the right people.

Supply Model
Independent People does not want a direct relationship with the end customer. However we will always help our partner achieve the best results for the end customer.