Why Human Capital
Most major Corporations make the bold statement that their people are their greatest asset. Independent People believes that this is indeed true. We prefer to view people as an asset even if they do not appear on the balance sheet; every organisation knows that they are valuable. The term 'Human Resources' however conveys that people are simply a commodity that can somehow be used up like any other resource.

People are the only asset that will appreciate with use. We believe that organisations should invest in them but expect a return on that investment. We at Independent People believe that Human Capital, as a more strategic view of people, is a more fitting branding under which we provide our services in this wide ranging area.

Why Independent People
We have professional staff dedicated to assisting clients to attract, motivate, develop, and deploy people across a wide range of vertical markets and technologies. We have a fully integrated approach to the recruitment and retention of Human Capital. We continually look to develop the solutions we provide in this area and look to provide solutions that will solve business issues in the area of Human Capital and Resource Facilitation. However it is ultimately the views of our clients which are most important as we continue to evolve as a company. The quality of our services is assessed and reviewed on a regular basis to meet the requirements of our clients.

Independent People Background
Independent People was originally formed from an IT Consultancy Background. Referrals from early success in the corporate finance & IT sectors. The I.T. recruitment division within Independent People is evolving whilst other sectors are being developed to meet our clients needs.

Independent People have employed the same philosophy with other companies, and offer the complete Human Capital and resource facilitation services, from Singular Vacancies, Total Implementation Teams, Specialist Consultants, and Managed Services.

Independent People continues to grow and expand, and realises that handling an organisations employees can be a demanding exercise. We believe that Human Capital as a more positive, strategic view of people is a fitting branding, under which we will continue to provide our services in this wide ranging area.